NORSE MYTHS Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki

NORSE MYTHS  –  TALES OF ODIN, THOR AND LOKI was published in November 2017 by Walker Studio in London and Candlewick in New York.  This book continues to be available in hardback, and has now reprinted three times.  A paperback version will be available in 2020.  The UK edition is being very strongly supported by Waterstone’s and Foyle’s.                        The U.S edition has already won a starred review from Book List ‘…….. Crossley-Holland’s inspired text is straightforward and largely unadorned in a way that makes it timesless…..   Together words and pictures work to memorable effect, doubtlessly inspiring their young readers to yell and cry.  The myths have never been better served.’ , while The Wall Street Journal has hailed it: “Brute power seems to emanate from the pages of ‘Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki’ (Candlewick Studio, 225 pages, $27.99), a collection of Viking stories retold with vigor and dash by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Wall Street Journal has since selected this book as one of 13 Children’s Books of the Year.   Jeffrey Alan Love’s stunning illustrations here are so potent and menacing that they seem less to have been created with acrylic and ink than to have been hammered from iron.”

As Neil Gaiman says, ‘Kevin Crossley-Holland is the master’

Check out the Traditional Tale page for more details.  And check out this blog if you’d like to know more about the Jeffrey Alan Love’s illustrations.

Also now available as an audiobook.